Welcome to the world of Ham & Cheese Media. Thanks for stopping by!
Although our website is new, we are not. We’ve been doing our stuff for a little while now,
but now we are focussing our time and efforts into a bold new initiative...
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Who are we?
Ham & Cheese began as a group of three young men from the suburbs with a shared dream.
(Not in an Inception sense of a shared dream, it was more a case of we all liked making films and we found one another eventually.)


What have we done?
As a team, well, we’ve made a bunch of short films. Most of them were selected as finalists in the assorted competitions into which they were entered. More than a few won awards in all manner of categories (a lot of the award titles begin with the word “Best” which is a good sign...)
Encouraged by this we all ran out and got work.
Unfortunately in the rush we forgot to get full-time work in our area of primary creative flair... oops.


What are we doing now?
Still, every once in a while we get to live the dream by teaming up and creating some professionally produced mayhem.
Said mayhem is coming your way soon...